Calculate Monthly Electricity Consumption Pakistan

Calculate Monthly Electricity Consumption Pakistan

If you want to calculate and check your home, shop, room, and etc Monthly Electricity Consumption in Pakistan then for your convenience, PEPCO gives the facility to calculate the monthly estimated power consumption on the basis of your household electricity appliances.


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Calculate your fuel price adjustment (Domestic Catagory) 

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Verify Or Confirm Your SIM or Mobile Sim, If Not Then Check Out The Free Method

Verify Or Confirm Your SIM, If Not Then Check Out The Free Method

If your Sim is unverified status by the going to any franchise or retailer. 
If this can be confirmed SIM in your name to verify, Just go SIM franchise brings biometric authentication. 

But if you have not still satisfy, then you can check your SIM verification of the following method. 

It is absolutely free by using your SIM via mobile phone.

Telenor SIM verify any information regarding Telenor SMS your ID card number without dashes write and send it to 7751. 

In reply SMS will tell you that have been confirmed or not your number. 

This service is absolutely free. 

Mobilink Mobile SIM verify any information regarding SMS Mobilink number without dashes Write your ID number and send it to 6001. 

In reply SMS will tell you that if your number is verified. 
This service is absolutely free.

For Warid SIM authentication, mentioned any Warid number number in SMS without any dashes Write your ID number and send it to 789. 

In reply SMS will tell you that if your number is verified. This service is absolutely free. 

Ufone mobile number to verify information *336*1# to dial the number. 

This service is absolutely free. 

Using mobile phone number to send sms mentioned V letter to 7911, verify the information. 
This service is absolutely free.

Samsung S6 and S6 Edge With An Unusual Curved Screen

Samsung S6 and S6 Edge With An Unusual Curved Screen

Samsung new Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 sale possible 10 April 2015, initially in twenty countries. 
Both smartphones are thinner than Galaxy S5, 7420 Octa-Core processor(2.1 GHz and 1.5 GHz quad-Core processors. 
Samsung introduced first time QHD (Quarter High Definition) resolution on these smartphones, 576 pixels per inch. 
Samsung has also included wireless charging, and built on the KNOX software for protection from malicious attacks.

he KNOX software for protection from malicious attacks. 

Also, both smartphones thickness is 6.8 mm, and 5.1 inch quad-HD super amoled screen edge curves around both vertical sides made from toughened corning gorilla glass 4. 

Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come with 3G of Ram, 2500 mAh and 2600 mAh batteries. 

32GB, 64GB and 128GB of internal storage. 

Both have 16 megapixel back and 5 megapixel cameras.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 have no battery and SD card inside, cause it was built in. 

So this phone is so light and It reacts very fast, looks good, and feels more than good.

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Prepare And Get The Right Microsoft IT Certification In Various Fields

Prepare And Get The Right Microsoft IT Certification In Various Fields

Microsoft certification means that you have mastered this software or technology. 

Worldwide information technology related jobs are preferred that employees who have a professional IT certification. 

If you are serious about Microsoft certification, so that you may determine what technology Microsoft has to be certified. 

If you are interested in programming, then you can get the certification in Microsoft’s various languages, such as C Sharp, Dot Net or Visual basic etc.

Microsoft’s certification process is something like this, you have a few months to prepare the paper. It can be enrolled in any institution or self-help training kits can be prepared. These kits are widely available in the market. 

Many software are also available for the helping of exams, Microsoft’s pattern exactly as you take the test so you can do better real test. 

After preparation, you can do registration at any Prometric affiliated institute 100 $ fee and select the day and time of the examination itself. 

For success in any examination is necessary to get a certain number of points. For example, most papers are required to score seven hundred points out of eleven hundred. 

Select the right certification from the Microsoft certification website:


Chat Your Friends Without WiFi, Internet And Mobile Signals

Chat Your Friends Without WiFi, Internet And Mobile Signals

FireChat like other chat application is an application. but Its special thing is that It can be used without WiFi, Internet and mobile signal. The purpose of making this application was very interesting for Android and iOS. It was made for civil disobedience to use of political goals. Which is used for general chat. This application gives facility to chat Up to 200 feet away With the help of Bluetooth mobile phone to another mobile phone In which installed FireChat.

This application was very popular in Iraq in 2014, when the government banned the Internet. After this the protests in Hong Kong were also used. Its manufacturer has said that this application is a tool, which will help you communicate whatever. People must understand that this application does not encrypt the data. through this application you can chat ten thousand people at a time.

To download this application from Google Play Store Click here

To download this application from Apple App Store Click here

Windows XP support is ending April 8, 2014

Windows XP support is ending April 8, 2014

Microsoft First released Windows XP on October 25,2001 and after over twelve years of supporting the operating system announced it is ending Windows XP support April 8, 2014 which means that they will no longer be providing any updates, patches, or further software security related support.

If you are still running Windows XP it will continue to work after this date, but if a security vulnerability is discovered after this date it will not be fixed by Microsoft. However, Microsoft has indicated it will continue to offer anti-malware support (MSE) for Windows XP until July 14, 2015 and other anti-virus manufacturers have also announced that they'll be extending their support of Windows XP for up to a year. While this will offer some protection for your computer it still will not protect against any new vulnerabilities not yet released or discovered.

Some people argue that since Windows XP is such an established operating system that it is not likely that any new security vulnerabilities will be discovered. However, most experts recommend upgrading to a later version of Windows, either Windows 7 or the latest version of Windows, Windows 8.

If your computer is over four years old or does not meet the system requirements of a new versions of Windows we suggest getting a new computer with a more up-to-date version of Windows. Alternatively if you want to keep the older computer and don't need Windows you may also consider switching to Linux distro.

Tip: Microsoft is offering a free data transfer program for users upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

Tip: If your hesitation of going to a new version of Windows is because you have an older program that is designed for Windows XP,Windows XP Mode can help older programs run in new versions of Windows.

What if I still want to run and use Windows XP?

If you plan on continuing to use Microsoft Windows XP after April 8, 2014 following the below suggestions.

Don't use an administrator account - Use a limited account and not a admin account. If you use an account with not enough rights spyware, malware, and other exploits wont work or be much less likely to work.

Use an alternative browser - Don't use Internet Explorer and instead use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox, which will continue to be updated and remain secure.

Keep your browser plugins and extensions updated - Plug-ins like Java and Flash are one of the most common methods of attacking a computer. Keep your browser and all of its plug-ins up-to-date. You can find the latest version of all your plug-ins through our system information tool. If you don't use a plug-in that is installed (e.g. Java, uninstall it from the computer.)

Keep the computer offline - If this is a work computer that doesn't need to be online keep it offline. Without having access to the Internet the computer cannot be attacked.

Follow all the steps on how to protect yourself while online.

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